If you are either a new author or an established author, with a great story to tell, you will save yourself hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds in fees, using some or all of the services available on this website.

A trawl through proofreading websites will show that many offer their services below the recommended rates recommended by the Society for Editors and Proofreaders.  This link to the SfEP website, which shows the recommended minimum hourly rate, is a starting point for both editor and client in their negotiations.

My charges are substantially less than those published on the Internet. Surely, there is a catch?

The simple answer is no!

Most proofreaders and copy-editors will be doing this for a living. I am not. My satisfaction is twofold: first, in giving me something really worthwhile to do each day in retirement, and second, in knowing an author has been given all the help they need to make a success of their writing career.

Selecting the right person to check that your novel is grammatically and semantically accurate is a tough call because there are so many professionals who are willing to do this and to do it well.

The cost of providing this service will, therefore, be a hugely important criterion. Epworth Editing is likely to be the most cost effective route to your market audience simply because the work is being done for the love of seeing another aspiring author on their way to success and not for financial profit.

You have my contact details. It will cost you nothing, in the first instance, as I will happily look at a sample of your work at no expense to you. I will give you an honest assessment, very quickly, and if we both click, you will have my time and my experience. You will also have my complete involvement in your project because I only work with a very limited number of authors at any one time.

It is a great offer — for the right author. Is that person you?