Copy-editing takes time and commitment to ensure the novel reads as intended.

Careful attention is given to prevent errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalisation.

Rigorous checks are made to the length and structure of sentences and paragraphs.

Thought is given to the consistency of writing style, word use, and repeated words, as well as the factual accuracy of the text.

Consideration is paid to the correct use of page breaks and special characters.

Your work will be edited by using Track Changes in Microsoft Word. If you are unaware of this feature, it enables you to see the amendments highlighted as well as comments about these changes, by way of explanation, for your consideration. You have the option to accept or reject these changes, so you are still in complete control. On completion of the work, you will receive two documents. The first will be the edited version of the original text, highlighted in red, and the second one will be a clean copy of the amended text, without the highlighted changes.

A very personal level of service is offered, which is to say that ongoing communication by phone and e-mail will take place to give you complete peace of mind and to enable you to follow closely the work in progress.

If possible, please send me a sample of your work so that I can give you an accurate timescale for completing your project and the cost of providing the service.