Voice of Reason

By September 18, 2020Books

Voice of Reason is Kerry Barnes’ first psychological thriller.

When Dionne married a nightclub owner, Luke Mason, a whisper in her ear told her she would have it all – the money, the house, and the luxury lifestyle. But she never expected her life to turn upside down the day they became parents to twins.

Dr Renee, a research psychiatrist, has spent her life’s work studying the existence of the ‘Gemini Gene’ – a gene believed to exist in a few high-functioning psychopaths.

Little does she know that she is not alone in her quest. In the shadows lurks someone who also has a special interest in the gene. However, the trial that they are conducting is so much more sinister.

Will Dr Renee discover if the Gemini Gene really does exist or will it be the voice of reason who has the answers?