Raising a Gangster

By June 2, 2020Books

Written by Kerry Barnes, Raising a Gangster is the prequel to the trilogy of books that focused on Kelly Raven.

Due to popular demand, Kerry decided to centre her main character on Cyril Reardon.

Bermondsey, London

With an absent father and a penniless mother, Cyril Reardon is determined to be the man of the house. As young as eight, Cyril is a charmer, a planner, and a risk-taker.

A rare trip to the country shows Cyril a completely different world, and it opens his eyes to how the other half live.

A young man wants Cyril shot dead, but he receives a nasty scar and a few injuries; these set him on a path of revenge. Little does he know that all the time he was being raised a lord, Cyril Reardon was being raised a gangster.

Only one of them is a gentleman. Only one of them plays the cards they were dealt.